Brandon Asgeirsson call for optimizing the online game activity in the USA

14:58 / 08.02.2021 106 views
Brandon Asgeirsson call for optimizing the online game activity in the USA

Brandon Asgeirsson calls for optimizing the online games in the USA.
The coronavirus pandemic affected many industries including the game one. According to Brandon Asgeirsson, a US Business Development specialist at multichannel interaction expert Xtremepush, one of the sustainable consequences of pandemic is the growth of the online gambling registrations in the USA.
Asgeirsson told about financial losses in the game industry of Louisiana, it is about 850 million dollars in 2020 and thousands of workplaces.
He described the situation in the states and said that the major part of american casinos are encountering difficulties. However, in accordance with his words, online activity compensated for big losses. He shared his expectation that other states would legalize online gambling on their territories despite the difficulty of paperwork.
The process of legalizing turned out very long and complex for Michigan state. In the beginning of this month this state launched online games and sport betting.
Many other countries follow this example. Lawmakers of Kentucky and Minnesota are working on legalizing gambling on the Internet, but it looks like this won’t happen in the near future since the paperwork significantly slows down the process. Georgia is the one who is nearer the completion of the legalizing process.

Asgeirsson added: “We have all seen that the profit generated from gambling on the Internet surpassed the initial expectations. Operators are growing in confidence and we expect good results in 2021 from the online market”.