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The US gambling metropolis, Las Vegas, has tightened restrictions since Tuesday in an effort to contain the spread of the corona pandemic. Among other things, Governor Steve Sisolak ruled that casinos will be able to operate for at least three next weeks with a maximum occupancy of 25%. Experts are relatively calm about tightening the requirements.
“Traditionally weak weeks”
For example Abuzaid, the founder and CEO of gaming consultancy LaunchVegas, who is calmly considering further halving the number of allowed visitors. In fact, as the expert told the local Las Vegas Review Journal, the timing of the restriction really suits the big providers.
The likely duration is a few weeks, which are traditionally underutilized in Las Vegas. Even in the absence of high-profile news in November and December, operators of casino resorts were tuned in to empty premises from the very beginning.
Some of the directions may seem arbitrary, such as changing the seating positions on the deck of the Titanic until the vaccine is replicated. But if this measure helps to reduce the spread of coronavirus, then it will be worth it.
Controls will remain unchanged
The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) also told the Review Journal that the tightening of restrictions does not mean any logistical changes for them. After more than 15,000 inspections of gambling establishments over the past few months, the work of inspectors will continue unchanged.
Like many regions in Germany, the state of Nevada in the United States has repeatedly broken its own records for the number of cases of COVID-19 in recent days. On Tuesday, 2,853 positive tests were recorded for the third time in two weeks, the highest since the start of the pandemic.
Former chairman of the board of directors Becky Harris believes there will be no major problems in this regard. She told the Review Journal that gambling operators are aware of the agency’s strict oversight.
Violations threatened not only with serious fines, but even with the loss of a license. Therefore, it can be assumed that the casino will meet the established requirements.