Germany Legalizes online-games.

11:27 / 03.12.2020 224 views
Germany Legalizes online-games.

Last week, a new state agreement on gambling in Germany was adopted. It states that online games are now legal across the country.

The legalization of your favorite entertainment has become a great news for the fans and experienced gamers, but there will still be a number of restrictions.

Gambling games are legalized in Germany

This law has introduced a new national regulatory framework that will cover lotteries, sport betting, gambling halls, and iGaming establishments.

According to the source, all 16 States gave their collective approval to the proposed law (GluNeuRStV) during the online meeting that took place under the embassy of Berlin. An identical meeting will be held again after the approval of the project in March.

After such changes, officials now expect the proposal to be approved by the legislative assemblies of at least 13 German States. And the changes may take effect from 1st July. This happened not long after new gambling advertising rules were introduced in Germany.

GluNeuRStV proposal which legalized iGaming on the whole Germany territory, in its turn, will require legalized operators to apply different operational measures of player protection.

They will be aimed at high-quality “respectable” arcade games and include the maximum limit for one state is1 euro. There will also be a limit on sports betting in the game for the next scorer and final bets.

As for the restrictions for online games operators, they are obliged to remove the games with live dealers and limit the monthly deposit limits to 1000 euro.

GluNeuRStV will now allow states to grant multiple licenses for slot machines and gambling halls, while continuing to meet their own minimum remote control requirements.

Georg Stecker, a representative of a trade group Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft (DAW), stated: “ It is now important that the Federal States rely on the quality of pleasured arcades while the contract implementation, both as a subject of multiple concessions and minimum distances between the sites.”

Last week, he lauded the approval after “years of intense conversations”. He also noted that in view of planned measures, for the first time will be agreed and applied qualitative requirements to the licensing process.