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Unfortunately, the corona virus is still raging in the United States. Therefore, it is not surprising that in Las Vegas it is obligatory to wear masks in all casinos – two weeks after the long-awaited opening.
This fact is certainly not accepted positively by many players. The only good news is that casinos are required

to provide respirators to all players if they don’t have them.
However, the mask will partially overshadow the gameplay. The voice sounds muffled through the mask, which can sometimes lead to defects in the dialogue. In roulette, this will lead to a loss of profit if the bet is made incorrectly or some announcements are not understood.
The rule to wear a mask on poker and blackjack tables can be far more tragic. Some of these casino games are based on the facial expressions of other players. If the face is obscured or cannot be interpreted correctly due to the respirator mask, your interpretation of the reaction will be different. It is impossible to imagine what complaints there might be as a result of unsuccessful winnings or “wrong” play.
Customers’ safety comes first
Besides the need to wear a mask, the number of players at the table has certainly decreased.
A maximum of four players can stay at the poker and roulette tables. (six players at the table)
Blackjack has reduced the number of players to three
This fact can lead to loss of experience for professional players. Many casino games are more interesting when multiple players are involved.
In addition, the distance between the slot machines has also increased. It is logical that this measure reduces the profit of the casino.
So why were these measures taken, when to expect a decrease in casino revenues? The Las Vegas players are partly to blame. When the casino was allowed to reopen after a long hiatus, long lines formed in front of the casino. The distance was not observed, and everyone wanted to satisfy their desire to “Play” more, thus the visitors ignored the security measures. This behavior is hardly understandable, given the fact that the state of Nevada has the highest number of detected cases.
Online casinos are a smart alternative
If you don’t feel like sitting at a gaming table with a mask for hours, you can resort to online casinos. Many online casinos offer a live zone with all the important table games. Thus, real gambling can be enjoyed without a mask. In addition, all online casinos offer a welcome bonus that greatly increases the chances of winning and the risk of being infected with the Corona is reduced to zero.