Short review of the week: the main news of gambling industry!

14:59 / 08.02.2021 134 views
Short review of the week: the main news of gambling industry!

This week sensational events happened in the industry of gambling and sport betting of Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein.

Within the plan of regulation of gambling in Germany a member of Greens called for tightening the supervision under the gambling on the federal land of Baden-Württemberg.
Authorities of Saxony-Anhalt discussed the question of state agreement on gambling and creating an agency of gambling which will be focused on the monitoring of the industry.
Land authorities of Saxony-Anhalt allowed the gambling contract.

The gambling applications are now in the german google Play Store.
Google announced that the applications for gambling and sport betting will be available in the german Google Play Store from the march of 2021. Apps should also be launched in Australia, Spain, France, Great Britain and the USA.

The conflict of interests: new australian lotto also became the leader of the competition.
The Briton Luc Alvarez – new chairman of the Managing Board at the Austrian Lotteries. However there is a risk of conflict of interest since Alvarez is the general director of the gambling company BetVicor, Gibraltar.

In 2020 the number of confiscated slot machines increased.
Illegal gambling activity is flourishing in Austria. In 2020 in accordance with the data provided by the financial policy, there were confiscated 1463 slot machines and imposed fines in the total amount of 32.2 million euro. That is 7% of increase.

Is an agent of the Stasi security service involved in the acquisition of Casinos Austria company by SAZKA ?
It was reported that ex-agent of the Stasi participated in the acquisition of the stakes in Casinos Austria AG by Czech giant SAZKA Group. The former agent is said to have paid employees of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution and Counterterrorism (BVT) in Austria to get information about those involved in the struggle over Casinos Austria.